Could Bill Self Eventually Replace Gregg Popovich with the Spurs?

Ryan Phillips
Bill Self coaching Kansas
Bill Self coaching Kansas / Darryl Oumi/Getty Images

Bill Self coaching the San Antonio Spurs? Yes, that's the rumor discussed by The Athletic's Sam Amick and John Hollinger yesterday.

Gregg Popovich hasn't hinted that he's going anywhere and the 70-year-old signed a three-year extension in April. But, eventually, he's going to retire and the Spurs will have to find his replacement-- and Amick and Hollinger connect the dots between Spurs general manager R.C. Buford and his close friend, Kansas coach Bill Self.

This rumor popped up before back in April and Self denied it. But if he was going to move on from Kansas, this would seem to be the time. The Jayhawks are currently facing an NCAA investigation and Self has been defiant in the face of it. Kansas is mired in the Adidas-college basketball corruption mess. If there was a time to get out, it has arrived.

The Athletic has more info on Buford and Self's relationship:

"Self has been best friends with Buford since their college days together at Oklahoma State, and the relationship has only strengthened from there. They worked together as assistants under Larry Brown at Kansas in the 1985-86 season, and this 2003 piece from even indicates that it was Buford who recommended Self to Brown in the first place."

The Athletic

Buford's son also played for Self at Kansas, while Self's son Tyler is a member of the Spurs' organization. It's really not hard to see the connections.

If Popovich decides to move on any time soon, Self would seem like a logical replacement.