People Are Going to Lose Their Minds When a Regular Season Game Ends on a Pitch Clock Violation

Stephen Douglas

MLB Spring Training began last week and we got to see the implementation of the new pitch clock. Meant to quicken the pace of play, pitchers and batters have to keep things moving or an automatic ball or strike is called. After seeing it in action for a few days, I'm convinced that a game ending on a pitch clock violation is going to spark a revolution.

Atlanta's Cal Conley was at the plate against Boston's Robert Kwiatkowski in a tie ball game in the bottom of the 9th with the bases loaded on Saturday. Conley was was given a strike for not being set in time. Strike three. Game over.

Conley either thought or acted like the violation was going to be called on Kwiatkowski and when he was called out he laughed and the game ended in a tie. Boy, I tell you what, this is going to happen in a regular season game in the not too distant future and people are going to lose their damn minds. Baseball has inspired some incredible tantrums, but a game ended without a pitch being thrown is going break people's brains. I really don't know if a pitcher, batter or manager will be the first one to freak out, but it is going to be spectacular.

I feel bad for our national pasttime, but this is tremendous content.