ESPN's Renovated 'SportsCenter' Studio Debuts Today, Here's a Sneak Preview

New SportsCenter studio tour.


Those keeping score at home already know that today brings the first look at ESPN's revamped weekday lineup, which has SportsCenter at 2 p.m. to facilitate room for Pat McAfee's program. The venerable franchise, like Bert Campaneris or Rex Hudler, can play any position though because it's constantly evolving and trying out news bells and whistles. Like all the features shown on this Matt Barrie-led tour of the renovated studio space, which shows that the cavernous area is packed to the gils with fancy screens that do stuff.

There's even a fifth wall in case they ever break the fourth one.

Two takeaways here. One, hosting the show these days requires more stamina and overall fitness than in years past. They used to just sit at the desk and do the highlights! Now every anchor needs to be prepared to hoof it and keep their breath lest they lose speed during a Shohei Ohtani highlight.

Two, Barrie would make a tremendous realtor. He has a pep in his step and really sells it. I can see myself stepping into a Scottsdale-area Spanish colonial with every intention to just look around and have some free spinach dip and emerging with a 30-year mortgage once this guy got his hooks into me.