Sports Talk Radio Expert Jason Barrett Breaks Down the Situation With Mike Francesa and WFAN

Ryan Glasspiegel

Jason Barrett, a long time sports talk radio industry administrator who now does consulting and oversees the trade site, joins the podcast to discuss the ongoing development Mike Francesa is reportedly returning to afternoon drive at WFAN. We discussed:

  • Did Francesa and WFAN both cave? With both sides having two years to figure their next moves, shouldn’t better situations for both of them have materialized?
  • Will we ever find out who mounted a campaign against Francesa’s return?
  • What happens when Francesa leaves again, or if he loses a ratings book to the Michael Kay Show?
  • Deep down, are Michael Kay, Peter Rosenberg, and Don LaGreca happy they get another shot at Francesa, or not happy they’ll have to contend with him again?
  • Could ESPN also potentially apply the Spaceballs reverse vacuum to revert Mike & Mike down the road?

Hope you enjoy!