Sports Reporter Harassed By Mostly Male Georgia Fans Following Clemson Game

WTOC's Lyndsey Gough
WTOC's Lyndsey Gough /

The Georgia Bulldogs beat the Clemson Tigers on Saturday night, 10-3, at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina. Reporter Lyndsey Gough of WTOC 11 out of Savannah, Georgia was on location for the game. It seems she wasn't the only one to travel from Georgia for this game as Bulldogs fans made up the majority, if not the entirety, of the people harassing Gough after the game.

While preparing for and doing a live shot a large number ended up in her shot. Mostly male, the were either just trying to get on camera, completely ignoring Gough and bumping into her or her camera, or worse as many crossed the line and touched the reporter intentionally. All of them should be embarassed to show up on this compilation of Gough just trying to do her job.