Everyone Was Wrong About the Seattle Seahawks

Lindsey Wasson/GettyImages

There is so much offseason to fill yet the Sports Media Industrial Complex has no trouble covering the season to come from every imaginable angle and the people willingly gobble it up. Every year there are a few teams who exceed expectations out of the gate, giving fans an opportunity to take a premature victory lap pointing out how wrong everyone was with expectations. Which are usually doled out via extremely matter-of-fact forecasts for doom and gloom.

Against long odds, the Seattle Seahawks currently lead the NFC West with a 5-3 record. Geno Smith is showcasing a newfound ability and Kenneth Walker is proving that getting jobbed out of a Heisman trip won't deter him from immediate NFL success. So to the victors go the spoils and opportunities to dunk on the pundits who whiffed.

One 12th Man (or 12th Woman, let's be inclusive here) has made a midseason masterpiece with the sensibilities one might suggest will catch the eye of the Always Sunny gang when they need a director for the next Lethal Weapon sequel. It is very good internet.

Sadly, we all know how this story ends. This gets passed around a bunch and we debate if the Seahawks are for real. Then they lose four in a row and the oxygen causes this video to age poorly. But this time — maybe this time — it will be different.