Sports Illustrated Getting Into the CBD Game

Kyle Koster
SI CBD. / Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Sports Illustrated is on a strange trip so nothing is really surprising at this point, but imagine telling a buddy a few years ago that the organization would be getting into the CBD game. And yet, here we are. That's exactly what's happening.

Per SGB Media:

Authentic Brands Group (ABG), the owner of the Sports Illustrated brand, announced a strategic partnership with Sentia Wellness, a distributor of CBD-infused wellness products. Through this partnership, Sentia Wellness will develop, produce and distribute Sports Illustrated and Sports Illustrated Swim-branded CBD-infused topicals. A Limited-Edition Recovery Cream will debut this weekend, followed by a full rollout later this year.

“Sports Illustrated has been at the forefront of sports and culture for over 65 years and is a name that resonates with the athlete and fan in all of us,” said Daniel W. Dienst, vice chairman at ABG. “We are excited to partner with Sentia, a leader in the wellness industry, as we continue to expand the Sports Illustrated brand and create trusted, high-quality consumer products.”

Sports Illustrated Swim-branded CBD-infused topicals. What a world.

Authentic Brands Group was quite upfront in its intention to leverage the name of a respected, venerable outlet to sell stuff. There was and still hope there will be a serious and prolonged investment in elite journalism.

It's obviously possible to do two things at once but this move feels like the lawyer visiting Jurassic Park who can't wait to slap a logo on a lunch box, mass produce them, and watch the money roll in.

If you're not curious what makes a particular variety of CBD cream sporty, then you're not really human. Very much looking forward to purchasing this product.