Sports Illustrated Brain Formula is Now Something You Can Put Into Your Body

Kyle Koster
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Dexamethasone Is Announced As Life-saving Coronavirus Drug / John Phillips/Getty Images

Sports Illustrated, long the shining beacon of long-form stick-and-ball journalism, has pivoted violently in recent years as the sports media industry has hit choppy waters. New ownership certainly has new ideas, many of which have been panned both externally and internally. One has made its way through the many layers necessary to become a real, tangible thing.

Feast your eyes and weak, vitamin-deficient body on Sports Illustrated Nutrition.

Obviously and quite predictably, the product creating the most early buzz is Brain Formula, which sounds an awful lot like what Alex Jones or some other unhinged grifter would be hawking between ranting about lizard people or whatever. Part of me wants to pour over the ingredients all of these and part of me is avoiding it out of fear I'll discover the ground up bits of Tom Verducci and Jon Wertheim.

This new reality can be a bit disorienting, but it's helpful to know that it didn't come out of nowhere without advanced warning. Less than a year and a half ago, Deadspin wondered aloud if SI-branded male enhancement pills could be coming down the pipeline.

Anyway, if it's good for the remaining employees at SI if people buy these potions and elixirs, I hope they sell out. It's just exceedingly hard to imagine a living human being going through the requisite steps and financial entanglements to procure these items.

Desperation comes in many forms -- including pill and powder.