Sporting News Cuts Staff, Significantly: 12 Writers/Editors Fired in Surprising Bloodbath

By Jason McIntyre
Scott Barbour/Getty Images

There’s no way to put this delicately – it was a bad day at the Sporting News.

Sources tell me that the Sporting News fired around 12 writers/editors today, and here’s a partial list of those who were let go:

* Brian Straus, the site’s soccer writer, who last week scored a big scoop on the US Men’s National Team

* David Whitley, of Colin Kaepernick tattoo fame

* Steve Greenberg, who has been writing about the NCAA tournament for the Sporting News

* Lisa Olson, one of the last remaining members of the AOL Fanhouse “merger”* from 2011

* Clifton Brown, formerly of the NY Times, whose most recent column and mugshot are on the front page of the Sporting News right now

* Stan McNeal, their baseball columnist whose prediction column went up today
* Matt Crossman, who wrote one of the stronger Honey Badger columns of 2012

I’m not sure of the officially tally, but I imagine a body count will trickle out by the weekend. A source mentioned the Sporting News could be looking to wipe Fanhouse off the site (it’s 9:45 pm and I don’t see Fanhouse anywhere), which would come just two years after the two clumsily became partners.

* Technically, the Sporting News cut “a deal to license the AOL FanHouse name and take editorial control of its content.”