Spike Lee Went on 'First Take' to Express Dismay Patrick Ewing Wasn't Given a Red Carpet at MSG

Big East Men's Basketball Tournament - Marquette v Georgetown
Big East Men's Basketball Tournament - Marquette v Georgetown / Sarah Stier/Getty Images

The Georgetown Hoyas play the Seton Hall Pirates on Friday night in the Big East Tournament semi-finals. Instead of talking about how well the Hoyas have played to get there, everyone is talking about Patrick Ewing being asked to show his credentials at Madison Square Garden. Spike Lee went on First Take this morning and seemed personally offended on behalf of Ewing.

This might be an overreaction from... everyone. There is a chance this has gotten a bit out of control. Some hourly employee is just trying to do his or her job and they are supposed to check passes and if the wrong supervisor sees them not doing their job and just waving Patrick Ewing through, they could get in trouble.

I posted Ewing talking about this yesterday. I thought it was more of a ha ha thing than a systemic issue at Madison Square Garden thing. It's an easy headline. A Knicks legend was asked for credentials in his house. James Dolan and MSG have a history of this type of thing. Lee, the ultimate Knicks fan, just had a big incident at the Garden a year ago.

Everyone might want to take a step back.