Spike Lee's NBA Finals Game 6 Intro for ABC is All About the Rings

Kyle Koster

The Phoenix Suns enter tonight's Game 6 of the NBA Finals with a chance to stave off elimination and force a winner-take-all circus at their gym. The Milwaukee Bucks enter with a chance to secure the franchise's first championship in 50 years. And to the victors go the spoils: the tangible ones like a ring and the intangible ones like forever memories and a place in history.

ESPN/ABC wisely tapped Spike Lee to star in and produce the intros for each game. His latest, which will air shortly before tip-off, speaks to the magnitude of the moment and teases the historic moments that could manifest shortly before midnight on the East Coast. Any piece that blends a Vinnie Johnson' pull-up jumper with a Michael Jordan fist-pump earns my respect, no further questions asked.

You can watch it here.

This series had to earn respect but has eventually landed in a place where it will be remembered as a bit weird yet entertaining. Giannis Antetokounmpo has certainly helped build intrigue and excitement with his otherworldly play and last-second heroics. After watching Lee's piece, though, it's worth considering that one need not have the biggest name to do something legendary.

There's a chance Bobby Portis or even Pat Connaughton could hit the clutch shot. Or Cam Payne in a series-saving effort.

Would be the perfect capper on a totally unpredictable season.