SpaceX's Starship Explodes Shortly After Landing

SpaceX's Starship explodes shortly after landing
SpaceX's Starship explodes shortly after landing /

SpaceX's Starship successfully took off an landed upright after short test flight on Wednesday. The problem came after the landing when the vehicle exploded in spectacular fashion.

Check out video of the landing below:

That's pretty cool, right? Well, here's what happened next:

Here's another look:

Starship appeared to land fine but, the landing legs didn't seem to deploy properly. It was leaning slightly and a fire began near the base. Roughly eight minutes after landing the fire hit the fuel tanks and that was all she wrote.

This was the third test flight where a Starship was destroyed on landing, though at least this one seemed to come down relatively safely. The previous two were nowhere near this successful.

Starship is a prototype for a reusable ship and is being developed to take humans to the Moon and Mars, though it may begin ferrying commercial payloads before that.

Full video of the flight and landing is here but it doesn't include the explosion: