Warning: Porky Pig Raps in the New 'Space Jam' Movie

Kyle Koster

Space Jam: A New Legacy will be available July 16. There is good reason to be excited about it. Seriously. Take another, non-cynical look at the trailer. It's quite good.

We've waited a quarter-century for new Space Jam canon, which is far too long to wait for anything. Especially a magical realm where cartoons and NBA superstars interact to satiate both nostalgic and box-office desires.

LeBron James selflessly did his part in marketing the new picture by bowing out of the playoffs early and focusing on his animated teammates. Everything was going fine and excitement was building to a crescendo.

Then this morning IGN posted footage from the movie showing Porky Pig performing a rap and went and ruined all the moment. It's embedded below. It really shouldn't be viewed by anyone but curiosity is going to do what it does and continue to pay our bills around here.

Notorious P.I.G. goes from Shy Ronnie to Logan Roy feting his father to an off-off-Broadway performance of Hamilton in record speed. It's a lot. I'm personally going to try to time a bathroom or popcorn break around this scene at theaters. Not sure how to look in my son's eyes after processing this. And watching him process it. Oh, God, what if he loves it? What if he does the rap around the house?

Damn you, Porky.