South Carolina State's Shaquan Davis Catches Touchdown, Does Deion Sanders' Dance Right In Front of Him

Kyle Koster
Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

Deion Sanders' historic week looks destined to end on a sour note as South Carolina State has opened up a three-touchdown lead late in the Cricket Celebration Bowl, but the future is no less bright. While everyone may not have been aware he was coaching Jackson State even a few days ago, his fingerprints are now all over the college football landscape after flipping No. 1 recruit Travis Hunter from Florida State. Which will take some of the sting out of today's disappointment.

All vibes changed in Atlanta when Shaquan Davis reeled in a touchdown to knot things up at 7-7 shortly before halftime, then celebrated by using the opposing coach's signature dance. Not something you see every day. Or every year, for that matter. Actually, have we ever seen it?

We'll give the idea an A- and the execution a B-. Could have sold it more and gotten those knees up. Great artists are willing to suffer for their work even if that hardship comes in the form of a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.