Some Fashion Takeaways from the NFL General Manager Yearbook Photo

Kyle Koster

The NFL owners are holding their annual meeting in Phoenix, where they presumably talk about profit margins and how much a human will pay for a ballpark hot dog. Many general managers are also there. Twenty-eight of the 32 posed for a yearbook-style photo and here are the results.

Look at this fashion-forward group. What can we learn from them as spring breaks out from coast to coast? What are the hot new trends?

First, it looks like ties are out. Only two of the football minds decided to wear the neck noose. Also, blue is very popular. Whether it be a button-up or polo, a nice cool color can really make a businessman pop.

Shoes? You want to talk about shoes? These general managers feel more than comfortable slipping on a pair of more comfortable and relaxed kicks. Some would be right at home either getting on or getting off a sailboat, which is always important.

This has been your NFL general manager fashion update. Please stay tuned for further sartorial notes