Solid "Cheering in the Press Box" Beef Brewing Between Las Vegas Golden Knights and Nashville Writer

Kyle Koster

The Las Vegas Golden Knights defeated the Nashville Predators, 4-3, in overtime Friday night. But the real action, as always, was on Twitter. The Las Vegas official team account accused Nashville reporters of cheering in the press box after a Predators goal.

The Knights deleted this tweet. I obviously take great offense to this, as do my colleagues.

— Adam Vingan (@AdamVingan) December 9, 2017

The tweet was subsequently deleted.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Who cares about who is or isn’t cheering in the press box? It’s a silly and unwritten rule. And while there are certainly more pressing issues in the world, an accusation like this could potentially bring about actual impact. Media breaking the norm could at risk of having their credentials pulled or, at the minimum, receiving an in-person admonishment.

Jim Diamond, writing on behalf of the Professional Hockey Writers Association Nashville chapter, asked the Golden Knight for a retraction and apology.

As of Saturday morning, neither had been posted.

UPDATE: The Golden Knights have apologized.

Look, I wasn’t in the press box last night so I couldn’t tell you if the deleted tweet was accurate. The fact that it memory-holed is a clue. Nashville writers certainly have reason to be upset if it was, in fact, inaccurate.

On the other hand, the Golden Knights should tell everyone to kick rocks if their account is true. There’s no value in going half-heel, so why not go all the way?