This Particular Social Distancing Device Is Not Going to Cut It

Kyle Koster

Social distancing is a phrase that didn't mean much last week and is now an extremely important concept responsible people are attempting to introduce into their lives. Keeping a safe space between you and your neighbor is a common sense way to combat the spread of a pandemic.

It's a tough habit to make stick in public spaces. Unless you have a performance-enhancer, as this intrepid gentleman created.

Now, his mind is in the right place. There's just no way we can have people out there bouncing off each other like it's some bubble soccer game. We're already growing more and more suspicious and consider how all this added friction will rise the temperature of the situation.

One fashion note as well: if you simply must walk around in one of these, you may as well install some draping over the side so pants become optional. Get your money's worth.

More practical advice on social distancing from medical experts who know what they're talking about can be found here and lots of other places.