SNY, On a Real Heater, Gives Edwin Diaz Entrance the 'Wizard of Oz' Treatment

Kyle Koster
Adam Hunger/GettyImages

Edwin Diaz and his unique entrance music have become a thing as the New York Mets show full intentions of being a major player in the World Series chase. It's always great when a closer catches fire and spills into the mainstream with their preferred soundtrack and SNY continues to capitalize on the situation. Last night they stood on the shoulders of last week's cinematic presentation and went a step further.

Using all the bells and whistles and effects possible to create the coolest possible viewing experience is a dangerous game yet the network has been flexing with regularity without getting burned. We don't want to say this was the biggest black-and-white-to-color drop since the Wizard of Oz ... so we won't. Still worth your time.

Or maybe not worth your time as literally the first comment in response to SNY's clip is complaining about it. The internet is undefeated.

Back to positivity. SNY deserves all the plaudits for taking chances. From Jacob deGrom warming up to Simple Man to Diaz's increasingly complicated cameos, they have been pushing the boundaries of what a baseball broadcast can be. Add that to a contending team full of high-wattage superstars and you have a perfect match.