VIDEO: Snoop Dogg Called Into First Take, Talked Dak Prescott and Wake and Bake Rituals

Ryan Glasspiegel
Snoop Dogg on First Take
Snoop Dogg on First Take /

As the sports world scrambles for content, Dak Prescott got slapped with the franchise tag today which invariably gave way to a conversation topic on First Take. In the midst of this, the producers were able to book Snoop Dogg to call in and discuss the matter. His call begins right before the 3:00 mark of this video:

Snoop Dogg clarified that he's a Steelers fan and not a Cowboys fan, but could not understand why Dak is not getting paid a long-term deal. To him, Jared Goff and Ryan Tannehill are "garbage" in comparison. The rapper believes that this will be Dak's last season as a Dallas Cowboy, or that he could even pull a Le'Veon Bell and sit out the whole season as a result of this disrespect. The Cowboys, he says, may not win another Super Bowl until the year 3000.

At the end of the segment, Snoop paid the ultimate respect to First Take, saying that it's his favorite show and that he wakes-and-bakes to it every morning. That's about as big a compliment as that man can pay.