'Snacks' is the First Viral Video Sensation to Earn Conference Player of the Week Honors, Won't Be the Last

Stephen Douglas

Thomas "Snacks" Lee is having the best week ever. The Jackson State student manager suited up for Senior Night and hit a three-pointer in an actual D1 basketball game. The clip went viral. Kevin Durant, Snacks' favorite player, tweeted at him. He was interviewed by TMZ and Pardon My Take. It's the exact kind of whirlwind that sweeps up somebody with a good viral video, but Lee had one final reward that might be the first of its kind for someone because they had some online notoriety - he was named Southwestern Athletic Conference Player of the Week.

This has to be the first time that someone got an official athletic commendation for social media reach. Darren Rovell probably had to consult his physician before he could tweet about it.

It's not uncommon for a graphic like this to be put together as the Cowboys did when a cat ran on the field during a game at Metlife Stadium in November. However, Lee's name looks like it is going to go in the SWAC record books. And why shouldn't he? Jackson State and the Southwest Athletic Conference got more exposure this week than they have since Walter Payton was on campus.

Why not honor someone who gave the Internet something to smile about. There's no reason this shouldn't become more normal. When something as organic as this happens, it's worth celebrating and probably worth remembering. It's nice to make it official.