'Slamilton' is the 'Hamilton' / 'Space Jam' Mashup You Did Not Know You Needed

Stephen Douglas
'Slamilton' is a two masterpieces inside a masterpiece.
'Slamilton' is a two masterpieces inside a masterpiece. /

'Slamilton.' That's the perfect title of the first perfect album of 2021. A slam dunk pun that perfectly marries the worlds of Alexander Hamilton, Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan. And then a musical mashup that lives up to the title. You probably had no idea that you needed a Space Jam - Hamilton mashup in your life, but buddy, you totally do.

If you ever wonder if the Internet was worth it, this is your answer. This is the kind of thing that Michael Jordan's content guy should be pulling up on a daily basis.

How does Lin-Manuel Miranda's Broadway musical go so well Michael Jordan's one and only feature film? I have no idea, but Psynwav did it and it works. So enjoy all the popular culture a person could possibly fit inside one work of art.

As if LeBron James didn't already have big enough shoes to fill in Space Jam 2. HBO Max might as well just release this in July.

[h/t #miggieteam]