Confession: I Really Like These Slack-Themed Shoes and It's Deeply Troubling

Kyle Koster

This is a bit of a personal blog but what's the point of living if one can't be honest about the challenges and near-constant weirdness. Climbing inside one's brain and really rooting around in there like you're cleaning out Grandpa's garage can result in some needed, yet arresting self-reflection.

So it is with great bravery and much trepidation, dear reader, that I admit something. I like the limited edition Slack shoes in partnership with Cole Haan. They did not pay myself or Minute Media any money to be mentioned. I know I should not like them and that any positive feelings toward them are likely the result of some sort of lizard brain impulse or Stockholm Syndrome from Slack being the only connective tissue between me and the outside world for seven months.

The heart wants what the heart wants.

Tell me these aren't at least intriguing. The company's logo is just small enough to not ruin them.

On the other hand, what in God's name is wrong with me? I'm on a very limited budget and blowing hard-conserved cash in service of supporting the messaging app that keeps my team connected is some dark, dreary stage of late capitalism.

On the other other hand, those colors really pop.

.... several people are buying

And one may be me. Unless Cole Haan and/or Slack would like to send me them for free. An impartial third party would agree they've already gotten a return on that investment.