Dear Slack: Please Wait a Few Weeks Before Foisting a Redesign on Us

Ryan Glasspiegel
Slack / Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Here we were, minding our own business, readying to endure through another day as the reality of an indefinite period of social distancing continues to set in. Then this tweet from the tech site The Verge about an impending Slack redesign popped into my feed:

The story on the site talks about how the sidebar is going to be cleaned up and presents other nifty ideas and graphics that my brain just won't be able to conceptualize until the moment the redesign is foisted on us and I just have to adapt for the purposes of survival.

I'm sure the redesign will be fine. It'll probably wind up being like the myriad changes that have happened over the last 10+ years on Facebook and Twitter, where it's jarring for a day or two and then the user experience becomes so innate that we forget all about the anxiety from the changes.

And these modifications do wind up being a good thing in the long run! If we went and tried to use Facebook or Twitter with the functionality from 2010 we'd be miserable operating without all of the enhancements that have been added in that time.

But please, Slack: Not today, not for a few weeks, maybe not even for a couple months. It's difficult to imagine worse timing for a redesign on something that is essential for so many's day-to-day work responsibilities. If they can hold off on this until we've at least settled into this new routine, that'd be swell.