Skip Bayless Doesn't Know Golf is Coming Back

Brian Giuffra
Skip Bayless.
Skip Bayless. / Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Quick, somebody at Fox Sports, home of the U.S. Open, tell Skip Bayless that golf is coming back in June before he sends this tweet. Whoops, too late.

You honestly gotta wonder what Skip was doing yesterday when the governing bodies of golf simultaneously announced the new schedule for major championships to take place later in the year and that the PGA Tour would start up again in mid-June. Clearly, he wasn't watching TBL Scope, where the subject was discussed in-depth.

Still, even if he missed that show he was definitely staying up on sports news and had to notice everyone talking about the Masters being rescheduled to November, the PGA Tour restarting in mid-June and, most importantly to FOX, the U.S. Open being rescheduled to September. That was our first true ray of sunshine in sports, not some cockamamy, unrealistic idea to have MLB players leave their families for four months, sequester themselves in Phoenix and play baseball. Am I right or am I right?

Guess Skip doesn't like golf. Or follow anyone on Twitter who does.