Skip Bayless Can't Wait to Have Tom Brady on 'Undisputed'

Tom Brady
Tom Brady / Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages

The big sports media news of the week arrived rather suddenly on Tuesday morning as Fox announced Tom Brady will join its team as a lead NFL analyst once he retires. Whenever that may be. It's a move that will cost top dollar but one that will almost assuredly pay for itself as Fox Sports will boast the most famous football player alive on its programming every week during the season.

There is one member of the team very excited to have Brady on board -- a certain Skip Bayless. He and co-host Shannon Sharpe spoke briefly about the news on Undisputed today and Bayless said he can't wait to have Brady on the show, even suggesting Sharpe take that day off so Bayless can face off with Brady on his own.

Brady isn't signing up to do studio shows so an appearance across Bayless on Undisputed is unlikely, to say the least. But what content it would create. Merely a taste of the possible futures in store for us media nerds.