Skip Bayless: Tom Brady Has Multiple Super Bowls in His Future

Stephen Douglas
Tom Brady dreaming of returning to the Super Bowl.
Tom Brady dreaming of returning to the Super Bowl. / Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Tom Brady is a free agent who announces his plans in paid advertisements and not group texts with Bartleby and Loki. According to Skip Bayless, the 42-year old is the premier free agent quarterback in the history of the NFL. Not just because of his name or the number of Super Bowls he's made, but because of how many Super Bowls he is still going to make.

This seems like more of a throw-away line for Skip in the heat of the moment because he mostly focuses on Brees vs. Brady in this clip. He rightly points out how much better the Saints' offensive weapons were than the guys Brady was working with.

Still, without comparing Brady to Brees, Brady's numbers are in decline. He was 27th in completion percentage, 13th in touchdown passes, 23rd in yards per completion, 19th in QBR and 18th in passer rating. It seems dumb to doubt Brady, but it also seems dumb to discount how important it was for him to work with Bill Belichick for 20 years.

If Brady were really the most premier free agent quarterback ever then more teams than the Raiders and Chargers would be expressing interest.