Skip Bayless' Super Bowl Prediction Is In

Skip Bayless Super Bowl prediction.
Skip Bayless Super Bowl prediction. /

Skip Bayless is jumping on the Colin Cowherd, I mean Baltimore Ravens, hype train. The Fox Sports yelling head made his Super Bowl prediction today and likes the Ravens to take down "Tompa Bay." It's an un-hot take made from the heart.

A few weeks back, Cowherd predicted the Ravens will go 16-0 this season. Guess Skip watches FS1 and liked the thought process because he's backing these birds in their revenge tour.

The biggest surprise is he has his favorite quarterback, Tom Brady, the only athlete Bayless will compare to Michael Jordan, losing in the Super Bowl. Not only are the Bucs a vastly new team trying to gel under new leadership under center, but if Brady is truly the GOAT, wouldn't he never lose another Super Bowl in his career?

Best not ask these questions. Too sensible.