Skip Bayless' Wife Makes Him Take Off His Clothes So She Can Wash Them

Skip Bayless on the red carpet.
Skip Bayless on the red carpet. / Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Skip Bayless may be considered the face of daytime television at FOX Sports 1, but Drip Bayless is the body. The man with the golden tongue and matching personalized necklace took to Instagram on Tuesday night to share a candid shot of himself sans shirt. Skip's explanation is below.

Unlike his outfit in this picture, there are many layers here. The first sentence seems to suggest the picture was taken without his consent. As if Ernestine caught him off-guard. Then he explained that she washed his clothes every day during the pandemic. Overly cautious considering all we know at this point? Yes, but sometimes you have to go the extra mile to protect one of America's greatest treasures.

And finally, we get the truth. Skip posted this picture because someone online recently accused him of losing a step in the gym, which might not be open in his gated community. Nope. Might as well just ask him which way to the beach.