Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe Get Into Shouting Match on 'Undisputed'

Liam McKeone
Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe
Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe /

Today's episode of Undisputed was a bit delayed due to World Cup coverage but got interesting rather quickly. Early in the show, Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe launched into a discussion about their favorite topic to disagree on, Baker Mayfield. Sharpe was in the midst of a monologue about the Carolina Panthers QB and Bayless kept butting in, leading Sharpe to snap at his co-host and demand that he be permitted to finish.

In a very mature manner, Bayless started saying "blah blah blah" over Sharpe and said Sharpe could finish if only he stayed on point. Sharpe accurately pointed out Bayless never stays on point before Bayless rose out of his seat and screamed that he's "about to stay on point."

This show is obviously performance art and manufactured conflict drives clicks. Bayless' smirk after he shouted indicates he wasn't actually that mad about it. But these two snap at each other all the time and rarely does the volume get this high.

I'll say this much-- it's remarkable this show functions as well as it does considering how often both of the hosts butt into each other's sentences.