Skip Bayless: Every High School Point Guard Has Better Hands Than Russell Westbrook

Kyle Koster
Jonathan Bachman/GettyImages

Skip Bayless is no fan of Russell Westbrook, as his penchant for calling the Utah Jazzish player out of his name might suggest. The Fox Sports star is not above using one of his foils for content — imagine that! — on a regular basis, though. This morning he and Shannon Sharpe discussed what might be next for Westbrook. And the Undisputed pair came to a rare agreement: not much.

Bayless drove his point home by claiming Westbrook has the worst pair of hands in the NBA. Which is a strong claim made even stronger by expanding it to the college game. Still stronger when compared to every single high school point guard in America. It was the Embrace Debate version of the Vince McMahon meme.

If true, this is a massive revelation. One of the greatest stories in the history of sports has flown under the radar. That someone who has the worst hands on the planet could win an NBA MVP award and be on his way to the Hall of Fame is an incredible underdog saga. It's the plot of a Disney movie if the protagonist were more likable.