I Am Starting to Suspect Skip Bayless Isn't Giving LeBron James a Fair Shake


LeBron James conducted a Twitter Q&A last night, an incredibly innocuous event that shouldn't bother anyone or inspire any so-called deeper searches for meaning. James' Los Angeles Lakers had a disastrous year and he's been on vacation for several weeks and we all assume he's remaining committed to his body and to basketball because he is LeBron James, either the greatest or second-greatest basketball player to ever pull on a pair of shorts. Fox Sports' most handsomely compensated pundit, however, took issue with something that very much did not concern him.

Hours after doing cardio for the 8,880th consecutive day, Bayless teased and then delivered content using James answering some questions online as evidence the superstar is starved for attention.

The pot isn't just meeting the kettle here. It's careening into it at warp speed. Because a person who truly wanted to psychoanalyze Bayless the same way he psychoanalyzes LeBron would find rich and fertile soil.

All of this leads to a startling realization. I am starting to believe that Bayless isn't giving James a fair shake. And starting to believe he may never give James a fair shake.

This is truly concerning. Something to keep an eye on for sure.