Skip Bayless Has Gone Full Dril

Construction Photography/Avalon/Getty Images

It is irresponsible for psychologists to offer diagnosis from afar and even more irresponsible for those with no training to speculate on such matters. So I'll simply say that if there's ever a comprehensive analysis done on what's been going on with Skip Bayless as it relates to LeBron James, I will read it with much voracity. Because it's weird.

Fox Sports' most expensive asset promised to explain why James and the Lakers winning this NBA title, which they are one game away from by virtue of last night's victory, is actually a bad thing. For LeBron and his legacy.

Alright. I didn't watch him explain for obvious reasons. But there was probably a point or two landed.

Nihilism, man. Drink it in. Bayless is out here going full Dril before our very eyes.

If all things are the same and nothing matters, does that information make you more or less likely to spend your precious time watching sports-shouting? Tough, personal decision to grapple with while staring into the abyss.