Skip Bayless Fully Backtracking on LeBron James Injury

Ryan Phillips

Earlier in the week, Skip Bayless took to Undisputed and questioned whether or not LeBron James' foot injury was real. Heavily implying that it wasn't that serious or that James was lying about it. On Friday he went into full backtrack mode.

Here's Bayless' exchange with Shannon Sharpe from earlier in the week:

He pretty much flat-out accuses James of lying about his foot injury for ... reasons. Basically he says because the Lakers wouldn't give details and fully-disclose exactly what the injury was, it wasn't real. It was a ridiculous take at the time that looks even worse in hindsight.

Here's what happened on Friday:

So now that Bayless has been told about it all of a sudden it's real and very serious.

Let's just think about this logically. Why would one of the greatest NBA players of all-time fake an injury in the middle of a playoff chase? What possible reason could he and the Lakers have for doing that? It makes absolutely no sense.

Good on Sharpe for calling out this BS.