Skip Bayless: LeBron Shoots Fadeaways to Run Away From Free Throws

Stephen Douglas
LeBron James shooting a cowardly fadeaway.
LeBron James shooting a cowardly fadeaway. / Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

Skip Bayless painted another masterpiece on Monday morning. Following a Los Angeles Lakers win over the Boston Celtics on Sunday, in which LeBron James hit the go-ahead basket with 30.4 seconds remaining, Skip Bayless made the case that LeBron James was not "clutch." And even better than that, he criticized the type of shot taken by LeBron, claiming that it was a metaphor for being afraid to take a big shot.

Andy Kaufman would find Skip's commitment to this bit impressive. Criticizing a made basket because it is a fadeaway. The exact shot that became Michael Jordan's signature. What exactly was Jordan running from? We may never know.