Skip Bayless: 'Why Are LeBron and AD following Russell Westbrook’s Wife on Instagram'

Kyle Koster
Allen Kee/Getty Images

In the interest of full transparency, I spent most of the previous 10 days somewhat removed from access to technology, but even a cursory glance at yesterday's late slate of sporting action suggested a jam-packed weekend with multiple Game 7s in hoops, Stanley Cup conference finals, a competitive U.S. Open and highly energetic collegiate baseball in Omaha.

And in the interest of complete honestly, I felt as though I had a fairly good grasp of the landscape and was approaching getting back to speed up until about an hour ago when Skip Bayless, the squeakiest and best-compensated man in two-shot punditry, threw all of that into question by introducing an even more pressing topic.

No one else can do what Bayless does. That's a compliment as much as it is an flummoxed realization. Everyone else is truly playing for second in the race to play that particular character.

While we're on the topic, how much time of your time have you spent pondering what it could say about the public or private persona of Bayless that he doesn't follow anyone? The armchair psychology there is a rich text to explore.

Anyway, with an entire afternoon to chasing this down, a real fear that I'll forever being playing catchup as he shifts the conversation 15 hours per week into perpetuity.

Good to be back.