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We Dare You to Watch Skip Bayless Talk About Kevin Durant for Six Minutes

Kyle Koster

Skip Bayless used an example of Kevin Durant playing well the other night in his never-ending quest to feud with LeBron James. That drew a response from KD that resonates. The undefeated wheel of content kept on turning this morning on FS1's Undisputed with Bayless offering a lengthy response. Those expecting fireworks will be disappointed because each and every avenue explored ended up at a ho-hum destination.

Bayless likes Durant as a player but thinks skin could be tougher. That seems perfectly reasonable, especially by sports-shouting standards. So here's the question we want to ask.

Bayless is elite. His ability to draw attention to himself is nearly unrivaled and his compensation reflects that skill. Every time his name is in the conversation, there's a group that falls over itself to tell you just how much of a WIN it is for Bayless. But if the end result of this little Twitter dustup is six-plus minutes of monologue that simply makes a person shrug, is it really a win?

And yes, this is Skip listening to the better angels of his nature and not doubling down or trying to escalate. If he'd done those things, there's a chance we criticize him for that as well. We have no problem admitting that. Perhaps the disconnect exists because we just don't know what to do with Bayless and his content. He's served the gift of getting embroiled with sports' most mercurial and online superstar and it peters out quietly by choice. Just when one thinks they understand what he's going for, the gameplan changes.