Skip Bayless: Does Ja Morant 'Have Dreams of Being a Crip?'

Stephen Douglas

The Ja Morant story has taken some wild turns in the last week or so and the Memphis Grizzlies guard is currently taking time away from the team while he sorts some things out. Monday on Undisputed, Skip Bayless had some questions about who Ja Morant really is after having some conversations with people around the league.

"Remember, he's thrown up the Crip sign... I've seen him throw it up two or three times. I've probably missed some other times. What does that mean? Does that mean he wants to associate with the Crips? Or did he get initiated by the Crips? Or does he have a dream of being a Crip? I don’t know. I'm just throwing this out. Are we missing the boat here that that's who he's been from the start and we keep saying no you're just associating with the wrong people when he's actually part of the wrong people?"

Shannon Sharpe, who has had one very public run-in with Ja Morant, his father Tee Morant, and other members of the Memphis Grizzlies, was on board with Bayless' line of questioning saying, "You and the people you talk to might be 100% correct." That's a long way from Sharpe saying he wished Morant "would realize he's not a thug."

Just an absolutely wild conversation that Ja Morant has justified.