Skip Bayless Is At It Again

Kyle Koster

Preseason football is happening now because we as a society have not completely evolved. Skip Bayless is watching the New England Patriots and earning every bit of his paycheck. Lend him your ears, good people, and hear of the real reason coach Bill Belichick inserted Jarrett Stidham into the exhibition before Brian Hoyer.

There’s still a full half of football to be played so that means there’s plenty of time for those covering the team to see his theory and get to the bottom of it during the postgame scenario. I’ll personally Venno some of my own money to any scribe who reads this tweet to Belichick and solicits a response.

This is the type of thing that you simply wouldn’t know how to process if an average person said it to you in a bar. It takes a great deal to be taken aback, but here we are. Say what you want about Bayless but it takes a special talent to craft something like this missive, no matter the reason.

And it’s important to keep in mind that, in his own words, this isn’t theater. It’s what he really thinks. Has to be fun to have access to a mind like that. Once again, hard not to be jealous.

Top-10 Bayless tweet and a good-hearted person wouldn’t let anyone miss it.