Skip Bayless Fishes Ezekiel Elliott's Jersey Out of Trash a Month After Throwing It Out

Stephen Douglas

Ezekiel Elliott ran for 117 yards and two touchdowns on 24 carries in the Dallas Cowboys' 44-21 win over the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday. He didn't even lead the Cowboys in rushing, but when you throw in three catches for 43 yards, he did enough to convince Skip to dig his jersey out of the trash.

This is more than a month after Bayless originally threw the jersey in the trash for a Twitter video. So, are we to believe that Skip, whose home appears to be immaculate, hasn't had his trash removed in over a month? The person who cleans his house clearly does a good job, so I doubt they would overlook such an important part of the cleaning process for such a long time. Besides, if the trash hadn't been removed in over a month, the can would be overflowing with waste.

It's almost like he didn't really throw out the jersey in the first place in that trash can without a liner. And if Skip, a super rich guy who can afford to throw out jerseys for comedic effect, lied about tossing the jersey in the first place, you have to wonder what else he might be... embellishing.