Skip Bayless Sold on Cooper Rush, Not So Sure About Tua Tagovailoa During Intense 46 Seconds on Twitter

Kyle Koster
Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages

The Dallas Cowboys picked up a surprising and important victory yesterday as Cooper Rush filled in for an injured Dak Prescott. Given more opportunity to not get his brains beaten in than Joe Burrow, he looked halfway competent and did just enough to game-manage into a game-winning field goal situation. When the dust settled, Rush had thrown for 235 yards and a score and earned some Lonestar State confidence.

Skip Bayless was johnny on the spot to beat his chest about telling us all that Rush would be fearless, poised, and know the system. As is his right. Say enough stuff on television and some of it will be proven true. One does not get to the top of the field without learning to trumpet the victories and pretend the defeats never happened.

Because the moment could not be allowed to breath, the Undisputed star paused for about 3/4ths of a minute before jumping back in the fray with the next take about how he was unmoved by Tua Tagovailoa's six touchdown passes in a historic comeback against the Baltimore Ravens.

There's just so much going on. But we should take a minute to marvel at a brain capable of holding these two thoughts at the same time. There's a reason Skip's paycheck has more zeroes in it than ours. He simply functions on a different plane.