Skip Bayless: Cooper Rush Would Have Beaten Niners

Liam McKeone
'Undisputed' at it again
'Undisputed' at it again /

Unsurprisingly, Skip Bayless is not taking the Dallas Cowboys' season-ending loss very well. He threw out his Dak Prescott jersey after the San Francisco 49ers blew up the insane final play to win the game. On Undisputed this morning, Bayless exhibited clear signs of the bargaining stage of grief as he attempted to make the claim that Cooper Rush would have won the game if he played instead of Prescott.

At least Bayless isn't trying to say Rush is better than Prescott, which is a sign of progress for the hot take artist. In fact, the boldest statement made here might be that somebody is going to pay Rush to start at quarterback for them next year.

He is, of course, still wrong. Prescott didn't play well at all but it's not like he faceplanted against a lesser opponent. San Francisco is really, really good! Most of the NFL's starting quarterbacks would have put up a similar performance. Rush would have gotten tortured for 60 minutes by that Niners defense. It would have been horrifying to watch, really.

Prescott was not very good. Rush would have been far worse. It is okay to admit the Cowboys just got outplayed and nothing short of a miracle would have saved them last night.