Skip Bayless Blames Lil Wayne's Versace Robe For Clippers' Game 1 Loss

Liam McKeone
Skip Bayless
Skip Bayless /

The Los Angeles Clippers dropped the first game of their playoff series against the Dallas Mavericks over the weekend. Luka Doncic was stellar, as expected. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George collectively faltered down the stretch and lost a rather winnable game. There's still plenty of games left to be played, but it isn't exactly the start the star L.A. duo was hoping for.

One of the parties disappointed in this outcome is Skip Bayless, whose anti-LeBron James bit has led him to the painful existence of Clippers fandom. When analyzing the loss, Bayless did not discuss his team's fourth-quarter woes or inability to limit Doncic, but rather the jinx that rapper Lil Wayne placed upon him with a Versace robe gifted to the FOX Sports host.

Ah, yes. Who hasn't jinxed their team by wearing a designer robe given to them by a musician? I felt similarly when the Celtics lost to the Nets on Saturday night as I was wearing a black cloak I got from Jay-Z.

We will see on Tuesday night if Bayless can Reverse The Curse and wear appropriate Clippers colors to drive them to a victory. I'd hang on to the robe if I were him, though. Versace is expensive.