Skip Bayless: Bill Belichick 'Fast Tracking' Jarrett Stidham to Replace Tom Brady

Ryan Glasspiegel

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe spent a segment talking about Jarrett Stidham, who entered this preseason as ostensibly the Patriots’ third string quarterback but has performed at a level where he might make Brian Hoyer expendable.

Stidham took all of New England’s snaps in their fourth preseason game, versus the Giants, Thursday night and went 18-28 for 225 yards, two touchdowns, and an interception. While you could say it’s typical that Stidham would get this many snaps considering that nobody plays their starters in the fourth preseason game, it bears mentioning that Demaryius Thomas, Josh Gordon, and Julian Edelman all suited up last night.

Bayless was under the impression that Stidham is Belichick’s new Jimmy G, in the sense that the legendary football coach has the QB on on the “fast track” to replace Tom Brady next season.

Sharpe agreed that the presence of the starting receivers was indicative of Belichick wanting to see what Stidham could really do, but also wanted to get Thomas, Gordon, and Edelman up to game speed.

Former Patriots scout Jim Nagy said earlier this week that Stidham, a fourth round pick out of Auburn, would be Brady’s “heir apparent.” And Brady is effectively on a year-to-year deal, with a contract that voids after this season.

Nonetheless, I will never believe Brady is done with the Pats until I see it happen with my own eyes, and even then I’ll be skeptical.

What are your thoughts?