Skip Bayless Blames Bill Belichick for Patriots' 10-3 Record

Stephen Douglas
Tom Brady and Bill Belichick
Tom Brady and Bill Belichick / Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

The New England Patriots are 10-3 and in great position for a top-2 seed in the AFC. Still, they've lost two consecutive games to division leaders-- so something is going horribly wrong. Who is to blame? The same people who get all the credit, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. But who is the most to blame? Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe can't seem to agree.

Shannon blames Tom Brady. Why? Because WEEI, ESPN radio's Boston affiliate, gives him so much credit when they win. Also, they're not scoring. That's Brady's department!

Meanwhile, Skip blames Bill Belichick. He put the roster together, he's the best coach ever, he's to blame.

Both guys make some great points, but the truth is we may never truly know who is really to blame for the New England Patriots 10-3 start.