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Skip Bayless and Jenny Taft Had a Heated Exchange on 'Undisputed'

Stephen Douglas
Shannon Sharpe, Jenny Taft and Skip Bayless on First Take.
Shannon Sharpe, Jenny Taft and Skip Bayless on First Take. /

The Undisputed crew didn't just debate LeBron James today. They also discussed the Dallas Cowboys who are featured on the new season of HBO's Hard Knocks. During this segment Skip Bayless commented on Mike McCarthy's physical appearance, saying he was a "little heavy," which is not his preference for a head coach in the NFL because it meant he couldn't motivate players. (Video below)

Shannon Sharpe chuckled, but as they were ending the segment Jenny Taft jumped in and put Bayless on the defensive. Taft called out Bayless for comments she found unfair, which Skip did not seem at all interested in debating.

"I'm allowed to have an opinion, Skip. I'm allowed to say whatever I want to say on this show, as you do too."

Almost the entire time Taft was talking Bayless tried to dismiss his co-host, closing his eyes, making "mmm" sounds and saying "okay" and "next" as he tried get to commercial. Taft's final words were, "Maybe I have more to say, next."

Here is what Bayless originally said that set Taft off.