Skip Bayless: 2 Percent Chance Aaron Rodgers Wins Another Super Bowl

Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

Aaron Rodgers conceivably has four more cracks at winning his second Super Bowl with the Green Bay Packers. He is 38-years-old and will be aiming to capture his third consecutive MVP award when he takes the field again in the fall. It always seems to look like he has all the potential to get that additional legacy-defining championship until the inevitable postseason dud rears its ugly head.

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discussed what the future might hold in that department and both were pretty pessimistic about the mercurial quarterback's chances. Sharpe envisions a five percent chance of Lombardi lifting for Rodgers in two or three years. Bayless places the odds even lower — two percent.

You know when you read the headline, it seems like a major slight. But there are a lot of good teams in the NFL! And a bunch of young quarterbacks who are taking the leap into stardom. Sticking in the NFC North will maximize Rodgers' chances of getting more opportunities, likely at home, in the playoffs. He may very well capitalize. Yet it's hard to sit here and give him a big number in terms of probability. Ten percent feels about right, especially if you believe he won't be playing until he's 42. Which is a very reasonable belief even in the age of Tom Brady and Drew Brees and out-of-the-box health regimens.