Aaron Donald is Wondering Why Skip Bayless is Always Hating on Him

Liam McKeone
Aaron Donald
Aaron Donald / Leon Bennett/Getty Images

On Friday, Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discussed Pro Football Focus' best players in football list the site has put out over the last several weeks. The top spot on that list belonged to Aaron Donald, which shouldn't be a big topic of debate. Donald is a multi-time Defensive Player of the Year winner who made a solid case for MVP in several seasons, a tall order for a defensive player. He simply is that good.

Bayless was baffled by his ranking, however. He couldn't believe that Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes didn't top that list.

He argues that the Rams wouldn't hesitate to trade Donald for Mahomes, which isn't an unfair argument. It does rather miss the point of the ranking, which is from a purely statistical standpoint. Donald saw Bayless' rant and asked a simple question: Why you hating, Skip?

Donald just is that good, which is why he has held the top spot in PFF's rankings for quite some time. Maybe Bayless will realize this. Probably not.