Sixers Offer Ben Simmons Five-Year Max Contract

Liam McKeone

For all of his overly-documented flaws, Ben Simmons is a damn good basketball player. It can be easy to forget that when the league is in the middle of a shooting revolution. The Philadelphia 76ers appear to recognize that, and are acting accordingly. Adrian Wojnarowski reports the team has offered their star a five-year, $168 million contract extension.

It’s an expected move, and one that Philly had to make, given Simmons was the last of their core on a rookie contract. His running mate, Joel Embiid, is in the second year of a $147 million extension, and Tobias Harris was just signed to a five-year $180 million extension. Assuming Simmons signs on the dotted line, Philly now has all three guys, plus Al Horford, locked up until 2023.

If Simmons develops a jumpshot, he’s as dangerous as they come. Even if he doesn’t, he’s a multi-positional defender with otherworldly passing vision. There aren’t many of those guys around who are also 6’10”. Philly got their man, and Simmons will be in Philly for a while longer.