Six FC Dallas Players Have Tested Positive For Coronavirus Since Arriving in Orlando

Stephen Douglas
FC Dallas
FC Dallas / Omar Vega/Getty Images

The first NBA teams are scheduled to arrive at the Disney bubble on July 7th. MLS teams are currently in Orlando preparing for the resumption of their seasons. Among those teams is FC Dallas which announced today that six players tested positive for COVID-19. Two players tested positive upon arriving in Florida and four additional players tested positive over the last two days. No one associated with the team tested positive as recently as Saturday when they left Dallas.

This is... not great news. The team previously shut down training in early June after one player tested positive. Could they have caught it going through the airport? On the plane? Somewhere between the airport and their bubble?

No matter where they got it, it's a bad sign for the NBA, which will begin sending players into the state of Florida next week. The last week has been about as bad as New York's worst week which took place back in April. That was weeks into a lockdown. Florida remains open for business.