Simone Biles Has Definitely Still Got It

Liam McKeone
Simone Biles doing her thing
Simone Biles doing her thing /

In case you had any doubt in your mind at all, Simone Biles is still the very best at what she does. While not being able to see her outperform opponents in Tokyo this summer was one of the many delights the world has been robbed of in wake of the global pandemic, we are fortunate that the Internet still exists and Biles can still show us what she's been up to.

Here's her latest virtuoso performance she posted to Instagram:

It's mesmerizing. One does not need to know what a triple-double dismount is to appreciate the artistry at work here. I will never understand how anyone can manage to contort their body in such a manner.

She would've stuck the landing if she wasn't going into a foam pit, too. We can count on that much.